The SC solution is the most effective and progressive upgrade solution available for telecom operators. It addresses urgent needs to upgrade current in-building infrastructure by offering a low-cost and fast-delivery product. By utilizing a patented technology, the SC solution enables MIMO (Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs) performance using the existing single coaxial cable infrastructure at in-building sites.
One of the key advantages of the SC solution is its ability to allow operators to re-use and modernize the current installed Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This not only eliminates the need for extensive equipment replacement but also enables optimization to be performed
simultaneously. As a result, the SC solution ensures the best possible performance for 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G networks, maximizing the value of the existing infrastructure.


Company Profile

AOAO had a humble beginning with an idea to revolutionize the telecommunications industry by transforming the existing 2/3/4G network. As technology advances, the demand for faster and more efficient networks becomes increasingly apparent. Moreover, with the continuous growth in population, this demand becomes even more critical.


The question then arises: how can this gap be bridged


AOAO embarked on a journey with the vision of providing sustainable and progressive telecom solutions, considering the future requirements of 5G infrastructure. Through strategic partnerships with established companies from Japan, South Korea, China and Sweden, we have developed innovative products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of network infrastructure.


In 2019, AOAO Global became one of the portfolio companies under the EXEO Global, the regional headquarters of EXEO Group Inc. This strategic move has not only provided AOAO with a larger platform to operate but has provided access to abundant resources, enabling us to focus on higher value-added activities and deliver enhanced connectivity solutions to our clients and partners in the wireless telecommunication arena.