RF Passive Components

For all of your RF needs

Our components

Feeder Connector

RoHS Compliance, IP68, Low PIM

HYPERCELL® Feeders Cables | Low Cable Attenuation | Low PIM Rating

SuperflexJumper Cable

IP68 , Low VSWR , Low PIM

Termination Load and Attenuator

Termination loads are used for example on open ports on transmitters as well as in the calibration of RF test equipment.

Directional Coupler

Directional Coupler divides power inequality into two ways.

Power Splitter

Equally divides the power of an input signal among multiple output signals with specific output phase and amplitude characteristics.

Leaky Cable

Primarily for Tunnel and underground applications.

Inbuilding Antenna

We offers a full range of Antenna for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) inbuilding deployments and repeater systems.

Cable Clamp

Support the cable to avoid any risk of slippage or longitudinal deformation induced by the cable weight, the wind velocity, gusts induced turbulence and the vibrations of the tower.

Grounding Kit

Used for grounding /earthing coaxial cables of copper or aluminium on antenna installations

Surge Arrestor

They are a first line of defense for your precious and sensitive equipment.